Compare And Contrast Essay On Fdr And The New Deal

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FDR and the first new deal

When FDR was elected to the presidency in 1932, he surfed in on a tsunami of change. The nation had suffered through 3 years of depression, characterized by, chronic homelessness, systemic hunger, widespread unemployment, a teetering financial system, wage stagnation, and falling prices for produce. FDR promised a new arsenal of weapons to combat these problems, like arrows in a quill, FDR got 15 bills approved in his first new deal.

It is no surprise that a president who averred, " We have nothing to fear but fear itself " , would put forward such bold, and avant-garde solutions. Before FDR could begin the real work of social reform, he first needed to ensure that banks were on stable foundations. The Emergency …show more content…

The law cut government worker salaries, reduced vet benefits, reorganized agencies to cut costs, and most importantly it increased tax revenues by ending prohibition.( twenty first …show more content…

The National Industrial Recovery Act, awarded government contracts for infrastructure projects like building highways, bridges, dams, ports, and sewage plants. Furthermore, it made landmark changes to employment law, creating the 40 hour workweek, setting a minimum age of employment at 16, ensuring collective bargaining rights and setting a first ever national minimum wage. Price declines due to excess production and decreased demand were the main ills of the agricultural sector. The Agricultural Assistance Act, asked farmers to do the unthinkable, plow under fields, refrain from planting fields or raising livestock, and even asked farmers to slaughter their own pigs. Amazingly they had so much faith in FDR, that they complied, and efforts were rewarded with rising profits for

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