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The New Deal was outstanding bills President Roosevelt proposed and then were enacted by Congress. The 99-day session of Congress between March 9 to June 16 in 1933 has became known as the " Hundred Days." The economic collapse in the United States from 1929 to 1933, was the main reason for the New Deal to be created. During this time, manufacturing output decreased by a third and unemployment rose from four percent to twenty-five percent. One-third of the employed workers then downgraded to working part time, and there was no insurance on bank deposits at banks, which meant that when the banks were forced to close the depositors lost fifteen percent of their savings. The nation had no safety net with no public unemployment insurance and no Social Security.

President Roosevelt's Emergency Banking Act passed Congress on March 9, which close the banks that were insolvent and reorganized the banks. After Roosevelt's first fireside chat almost three-quarters of the banks had reopened. …show more content…

The President signed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act into law which enabled the federal government to build dams along the Tennesse River that controlled flooding and also generated inexpensive hydroelectric power. Agricultural Adjustment Act this bill paid commodity farmers to leave their fields unplanted to end agricultural surpluses and in turn boost prices. Another bill passed was the National Industrial Recovery Act, which guaranteed workers to have the right to unionize and bargain together as a group for higher wages and improved working conditions, this also established a federally funded Public Works Administration. The Glass-Steagall Banking Bill and the Home Owners' Loan Act also passed in Roosevelt's

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