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In the summer of 1935, as a member of the Supreme Court, the question of the constitutionality of the New Deal programs passed by the Roosevelt administration was brought into great concern. Starting with the Emergency Banking Relief Act on March 9, 1933, the New Deal programs were introduced to combat the effects of the hard-hitting Great Depression. The New Deal programs aimed at stabilizing the economy, providing employment opportunities, and bringing relief to the people. Immediately after the inauguration of President Franklin Roosevelt the Emergency Banking Relief Act was passed as the first major legislation passed by the Roosevelt administration. During this time the economy took serious blows from the Great Depression causing people …show more content…

Passed on June 16, 1933, the NIRA aimed to also stabilize the economy by sanctioning, supporting, and enforcing an alliance of industries. It also suspended antitrust laws and required companies to write industry wide “codes of fair competition” that fixed prices and wages, established production quotas, and imposed restrictions on the entry of other companies into the alliances. The NIRA act also established the National Recovery Administration, which was tasked with implementing the provisions of the act. Since the establishment of the NIRA and NRA, they faced major criticism because they did little to help with the recovery of the economy. In my opinion, I agree in that they both did very little to help, and even made the problems worse, and are also unconstitutional because they give legislative power to the executive …show more content…

The CCC is a work relief program aimed at providing employment opportunities to young men between the ages of 18 and 25. The program allowed these men to enlist in work opportunities that help America’s public lands, forests, and parks. This program is very helpful for people during this time of economic need because it provides jobs that give them a place to sleep, food, and money. In my professional opinion this program is constitutional and in my personal opinion is very beneficial for the country and people in need. Passed on May 12, 1933, the Federal Emergency Relief Act was passed to combat the economical and social effects of the Great Depression, like the many other New Deal programs. Establishing the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, a grant making agency that distributed federal aid to the states for relief, gave protection to the citizens and states through the means of funding. This act is very beneficial to the countries’ people and the countries’ states and I believe is

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