New Deal Dbq

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The election of Franklin Roosevelt was held on November 8th, 1932, in which the Democrat Roosevelt defeated his opponent, Republican Herbert Hoover. During the term of Roosevelt’s presidency many events occurred and acts were put into place. Roosevelt was elected to improve the living conditions since the Great Depression was occurring during his presidency. His goal was to stabilize the economy and create more jobs to pull the Americans out of the Great Depression. There were two foremost events that occurred during his presidency, the New Deal legislation, and Roosevelt’s Bank Holiday. These defined his presidency, and enacted upon what Roosevelt was campaigning. The events gave Roosevelt his image as a President and what he wanted the United States of America to become. …show more content…

Before the 1930s, depositing money in a savings account was very risking due to if a bank were to close people may not have enough time to retrieve their money back before the bank went out of business, thus allowing all of that individual’s money to vanish. Citizens got very worried once they began learning this, and many were rushing to retrieve their money from the bank before it was too late. Many banks were going out of business since people did not trust the system any longer. Roosevelt wanted to change this and was the first thing he acted upon as president. Right after his inauguration, Roosevelt decided to declare this banking holiday, allowing all the banks to close in the country to prevent a collapse of the banking system. The main goal was try to get the public to trust in the financial systems, and know they are not just there to get the societies money and

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