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On November 8, 1932 the American presidential election was held. Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated republican president Herbert Hoover during the effects of the Great depression. It began in 1929 when the United States had severe unemployment, drastic declines in output, and deflation. The American People were looking for someone that would lead them through this rough crisis. It was not looking too good for president Hoover because the voters felt he was not capable to rebuild the country. Roosevelt promised a new deal to the people and that his program for the economic recovery would make extensive use of the power of the federal government (Britannica).
Herbert hoover was born 1874 in West Brand, Iowa. He had a very successful career …show more content…

Roosevelt was born in 1882 at Hyde Park, New York. Attended Harvard and Columbia Law School before he went into politics. 1910 he won the election to become New York senate and while in the senate he was appointed to be assistant secretary of the Navy. He then was elected in 1928 to become governor of New York. When Roosevelt was nominated the Democratic Party he was willing to apply governmental influence to the failing economy. His new ideas known as the “New Deal” caught the eye of the people. He gave the people what they wanted to hear. He had to remain cautious with his campaign and try not to take any public attention away from Hoovers and the nations issues. His team ran a well-organized campaign. Roosevelt traveled around the country giving speeches and was on the radio many times to get his ideas and programs out. He did a good job of going out to the public and taking initiatives to put Americans back to work and rebuild their confidence in the economy. The programs he created such as the Civilian Works Administration, and the Civilian conservation corps helped people get jobs. He also aimed to protect and assist farmers and fair wages. I think Roosevelt tried to bring immediate and drastic changes to the economy so that they can overcome depression.
The Election of 1932 had changed America forever. Franklin D. Roosevelt won the election with 472 electoral votes to Hoover 59. This allowed many new federal agencies to be created with federal funds. Roosevelt understood how to communicate effectively with the country and knew how to use media to connect with everyone. He started to change the economy slowly and was able to win three more terms and lead America to a victory in WWII. I believe FDR was a well president because his “New Deal” plan helped in so many ways, including jobs and brought relief, recovery, and reform to our

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