How Did Theodore Roosevelt's Impact On Society

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President Theodore Roosevelt became president in 1901 after William McKinley. Roosevelt was vice-president but took the presidential position when McKinley was assassinated. He was the youngest president in United States History, but brought new excitement and power to the presidency as he led Congress and the American public towards progressive reforms and a strong foreign policy. Teddy Roosevelt had a prodigious impact on the United States during his presidency from 1901 to 1908, changing the landscape of the U.S. politically, economically, and socially. With all of his accomplishments while he was in office, consisting of the Square Deal, preserving lands, and many more, he improved the U.S overall. During Teddy Roosevelt’s first presidency, he attempted to tie with other governments, making this a political impact on the U.S. Therefore, when he noticed a problem or issue in another country, he traveled over there to stop it before it got too out of hand. He did this in order to preserve America and its people. Roosevelt saw the negotiations about the Panama Canal and intervened so it would help out Americans by connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean instead of …show more content…

Prior to losing the election of 1912, he helped the U.S with by doing anything he could to uphold America and its citizens. He also aided in American access to the Panama Canal. On economical terms, Roosevelt was the trust-buster, breaking all of the bad trusts in big businesses. He also was the president who enforced the Sherman Antitrust Act. Socially, he preserved millions of acres of land, entitling citizens to interact and have leisure time, and wildlife to prosper. Today, his legacy remains all over the U.S with six national parks dedicated to Roosevelt. All of his achievements are remarkable, and are still remembered up to this

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