How Did Theodore Roosevelt Influence American History

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The best way to describe Theodore Roosevelt is an “Original”, a man like no other helping shape and influence American history for the better. Mostly known for serving two terms as president and being one of the youngest president’s to serve in history, but he was more than that. What made Theodore Roosevelt special was that he believed in peace but just because he wanted peace did not mean he would be a coward and be bullied by others. He has even won a noble peace prize for helping end the Russo-Japanese war. Being one of the few faces found on Mount Rushmore he has earned his right to be remembered throughout history. He was a man that would not back down for anything. He stood up for what he believed in and what he thought the American people wanted. Theodor Roosevelt the 26th president of the United States was neither Democrat or Republican he did not believe in presidential parties because he wanted what was right for the American people as a whole. Teddy was a very active man constantly doing something like reading, hunting or boxing even while serving as president. A very energetic man that would drink a gallon of coffee every day so he was constantly wired. Teddy saw what cooperate America was …show more content…

Teddy helped shape history because he wanted everyone to have a better life whether they be in America or outside the country. He gave us better working conditions, a more sanitary way to process the meat being sent out through America and helped keep a lot of our national parks and beauty of nature for generations to come. Teddy Roosevelt is man we can all look up to. He shows that we can be peaceful but that we should not be bullied by others. He showed this by negotiating peacefully and ending wars but also wasn’t afraid to show the power of his country and go to war himself. With all of his energy and motivation to get things done there will never be another man like Theodore

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