Franklin D Roosevelt Outline

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Ellie Liakos
26 February 2023
Research Rough Draft
A Nation’s Hero
What would you do if the world was slowly falling apart and everything you worked so hard for meant nothing? Would you try to accommodate yourself or do the right thing and make sure everyone else is taken care of first? There was one man who proved himself to the U.S. for his perseverance to help America. He did everything in his power to do the right thing for everyone who was struggling. Franklin D. Roosevelt was an ambitious man who carried America forward during the Great Depression while people were suffering from the United State’s largest financial crisis ever. Roosevelt’s childhood shaped him into the strong man he was when he became President of the United …show more content…

The NRA called for every business to abide by a temporary ‘blanket code,’ with a minimum wage of between 30 and 40 cents an hour, a maximum work week of 35 to 40 hours a week, and the abolition of child labor. (Bonk, Carson 2)
Acts like these can most certainly help those in need. It gives financial help and helps the well-being of everyone. Blacks welcomed early programs which were tied to the New Deal that “provided food, shelter, and clothing [that] helped blacks significantly” (Horn, Bachlor 3). This proves how devoted the government is to helping everyone, including what is considered the lowest people on the social caste. Roosevelt created not only the New Deal, but many other organizations to help other people's needs.
The New Deal that Roosevelt initiated helped prompt more programs and acts that helped everyone in the United States. One of the most successful programs was the “Tennessee Valley Authority [...] [that helped] by building dams and waterways in the region [to help] [eliminate] flooding in the area and provided electricity to thousands of people” (Bonk, Carson 2). This suggests that the American government was drawn to help even the smallest of matters. Electricity isn’t a necessity, but America was transfixed on helping the citizens with …show more content…

“Roosevelt made his final speech on March 1, 1945 to Congress” (Lelyveld 298). To make a final saying is brave while he was enduring his last months on Earth. Sadly, his life came to an end “during the afternoon of April 12, 1945, while reviewing some paperwork, he suffered a massive stroke and died less than three hours later” (“Contemporary Heroes and Heroines” 6). As read, he was still working at the time of his death, showing how devoted he truly was to his work. “‘The president's death,’ Senator Taft said, ‘removed the greatest figure of our time at the very climax of his career and shocks the world to which his words and actions were more important than those of any other man[...]” (Lelyveld 327). This shows how influential Roosevelt was. His death still made a huge difference throughout America and affected even those who disliked

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