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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882, into a world of privilege; the only president, in office, who held four terms. President Roosevelt family lived in Hyde Park, NY at the time of his birth (Coker, 2005). Franklin Delano Roosevelt studied law. In 1903 Franklin Delano Roosevelt became editor of The Harvard Crimson. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Anna Eleanor Roosevelt were married in 1905; they were fifth cousins. Roosevelt and Anna Eleanor Roosevelt produced six children (Coker, 2005). Franklin Delano Roosevelt entered Columbia Law School, after his marriage. He left Columbia Law School upon passing the Bar Exam two years later. He held the Senate seat as a Democrat, in 1912. Due to an appointment by President Wilson in 1913, Roosevelt became Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Coker, 2005). Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran for the Governor’s seat of New York and won, in 1928 and 1930. …show more content…

This tragic event sent Wall Street into a complete frenzy and took out millions of investors. Over the next few years, consumer investment and spending decreased. This caused sharp declines in manufacturing production and rising levels of unemployment. By 1933, 13 plus million Americans were unemployed and nearly half of the country’s banks failed (Coker, 2005). Thanks to the reform and relief measures placed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped diminish the most horrible effects of the Great Depression. Depression Critique Conclusion Someone (unknown) stated, “A president 's success in so many areas is often predicated upon his ability at leading his own party. As such he performs many roles”. Franklin Delano Roosevelt performed many roles to become a successful leader. Furthermore, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had his weaknesses and character flaws, like all of us. He made his share of mistakes. But he was the right person at the right time for two of this country 's major

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