Franklin Delano Roosevelt: One Of The Greatest Presidents

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Jared Archibald Political Science 1100 Franklin Roosevelt research paper When ranking the presidents a few that might instantly come to mind as the greatest might include George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. One that came to my mind was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I believe he made one of the biggest impacts on this country as a president. He helped America get through a very difficult time and lead us through more. In 1920 Roosevelt was the Democratic nominee for Vice President. He did not win but the fact that he was nominated shows that Democrats thought highly of him. In 1921 FDR became ill with poliomyelitis, his wife did her best to help and support him through his serious health problems. Because of the polio Roosevelt could hardly…show more content…
Roosevelt easily beat his former close ally, Al Smith. Roosevelt won the nomination with the aid of a powerful publisher and the House Speaker John Nance Garner. Garner became the vice president. The thing that got Roosevelt so much support and fame was his New Deal, which was a plan and a set of programs that were designed to start a recovery from the Depression, and ensure the people that it would never happen again, it offered relief for the millions of suffering people. The new deal was so impacting and hopeful for the people and is another great example of why people would rank him to be one of the top presidents of the United States. Under Roosevelt’s leadership, Congress passed many bills that created more active roles for government in the economy and in the people 's lives. During the first one hundred days of Roosevelt’s administration, Congress passed the Emergency Banking Relief Act, which stabilized the banks and brought a feeling of reassurance and security to the people using them. The National Recovery Administration, The Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, Were also
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