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Franklin D Roosevelt: Civil Rights Movement Franklin D Roosevelt has made many choices in the civil right movement that have led them to get the African Americans their rights that they wanted. He is one of the main reasons the civil rights even happened. Roosevelt made big contributes to the civil rights because he believed that the African Americans deserved the same rights that the white people had. Franklin Roosevelt has helped in so many ways and impacted so manty lives it’s unreal. “Roosevelt decided early on that he wanted to follow in his cousin Theodore's footsteps as a public servant. In 1910, he won the New York state Senate seat. Less than 10 years later, he was the Vice-Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. …show more content…

They liked Roosevelt because he was big on helping them out on getting their rights that they deserved. "One important demographic change underlay the experience of African-Americans during the Roosevelt years. The migration of African-Americans from the South to the urban North, which began in 1910, continued in the 1930s and accelerated in the 1940s during World War II. As a result, black Americans during the Roosevelt years lived for the most part either in the urban North or in the rural South, although the Depression chased increasingly large numbers of blacks to southern cities as well. In the North, blacks encountered de facto segregation, racism, and discrimination in housing and public services; nevertheless, they were able to vote and had better job opportunities. In the South, blacks were disfranchised, lived under a segregationist regime enforced by violence, and found fewer avenues for escape from crushing poverty"(Leuchtenburg, William). Because of all this Roosevelt felt bad for the African Americans and therefore he wanted to help all of them. since he offered to help them, they began to trust him and believe in him, that he can get their rights. Roosevelt never thought it was right for the African Americans to get treated the way they did. He showed this in a way that a lot of people would find out

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