The Worst President Essay

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The greatest president that has ever served the United States is George Washington. He was not only the first president of the United States but also the commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. He was victorious over the British and quickly became a hero doing so. He helped draft the constitution and with his leadership and courage. As first president, he become a role model for every other present succeeding him and helped create our countries values that we cherish so much today. The second greatest president was Abraham Lincoln. He was an advocate against slavery and was able to bring slavery itself to an end at a time when so many people were against such actions. He handled the situation of the civil war with great care and was able to bring the Union party to …show more content…

Barack Obama has brought jobless and high-er taxes to our country. Over 11 million Americans have left the work force and the number of Americans on welfare is at an all-time high. He has tripled our deficit and has created a health care system that is flawed in its very foundation. He has made outrageous deals and has weak-ened our image as a world power. His disapproval rating is depressing to see and painful to real-ize he was two term president. He will forever be recognized by many as one of the worst, if not the worst, presidents ever to serve this country. The second worst president was Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter did not show leadership and control when he needed it most. With hostage crisis in his presence, he attempted to negoti-ate with terrorists rather than showing force (as Reagan did with much success). During his pres-idency, he experienced a series of energy crises, high inflation and massive amounts of unem-ployment when were not dealt with properly. He was thoroughly defeated by Reagan in the next election showing the American People did not approve of the job he did as

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