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FDR Vs. LBJ Because of their position in the government, Americans have such high standards for presidents. However, a lot of the time presidents are criticized more for their mistakes rather than their accomplishments. As Michael Siegel shows in his book President as Leader “presidential leadership is exercised by real, flawed human beings, and not by superheroes or philosopher-kings beyond the reach of scrutiny or critique.” Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S. President 1882–1945) and Lyndon B. Johnson (U.S. President 1963–1969) are two examples of this. While both had an eye in developing a larger Federal government and supplying food, work, and medical care for those that could not afford them on their own, they are often criticized for the cons that came with the programs that they implemented. FDR’s and LBJ’s presidencies occurred during different economic challenges and social issues but they ultimately handled them in similar ways. Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Hyde Park, New York 1882. After his law career, Roosevelt began his election to the New York State Senate in 1910 and was appointed Secretary of the Navy in 1913. After leaving the Navy department Roosevelt came down with a illness paralyzing him from the waist down but that didn’t stop him from perusing politics. In 1928 he was elected as governor of New York …show more content…

To do this they both implemented numerous programs to reach the goal of relief, recovery, and reform. However, they also differed in many ways. While the New Deal’s focus was the economy, the Great Society’s focus was health and education and was more successful than the New Deal. When it came to unemployment rates, during Roosevelt’s presidency it was the entire economy, while for Johnson it was clustered around minorities. In addition Roosevelt did not support civil rights legislation, and Johnson supported and protected civil rights

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