Theodore Roosevelt's Role In Transforming The Federal Government

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Theodore Roosevelt is one of the American presidents who are remembered for the changes that they brought or made in this nation. He was the 26th president of the United States and he is remembered for his transformations and important quotes which are useful today. Theodore Roosevelt was the most youthful president in the historical background of America amid that opportunity to be in office. He had not yet turned forty three years, the required age, when he got to be a president. He played a major role in transforming the federal government and the transformations made are still in effect today (viewpoint article; Beale). He was able to end one of the major wars and as a result of this success he was able to win a Nobel Peace Prize. The journey to statehouse began through hard work where this leader tried to campaign for the presidential seat but failed. He tried and eventually made it when the president in office at that time was assassinated and this He became the next …show more content…

By believing in this power he was able to make transformations in the federal government which are still useful today and many people are happy because of his works. There are two major ways that Theodore Roosevelt transformed the role and responsibility of the federal government. The first transformation made was the reservation of the natural resources which were being abused and used to benefit only few people. This was quite different from what those before him had done Theodore Roosevelt as a president was able to secure more than two hundred and thirty million acres of land which would be reserved for the benefits of the society rather than individual benefits. This move was meant to protect the natural resources from wastage and in return these resources would be useful in creating employment opportunities to the

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