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~Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt, mainly known as FDR, is the thirty-second president of United
States and also the first and only president to be elected into office four times. When FDR first came into office, many of the banks were closing down and people were losing jobs. He closed down the banks to stop transactions from happening and after some reform, three out of four banks were brought back. FDR also created social security that many of the retired run off of today along with disabled to have at least some money coming in. He created minimum wage and maximum hours someone can work. FDR is the man who also was our president during
WWII and as he was part of it at the time, he did not back down from president just because …show more content…

Roosevelt is a president I will always support and look up to because he gave us the blocks we are still standing on today. ~Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt was most commonly known as Teddy. He was the twenty sixth president of the United States of America. At the age of 42, Teddy was known as the youngest man to assume office. Teddy didn't stay long in law school, instead wanting to join the New
York State Assembly as a representative from New York City. Shortly after, he was flying through public service positions. Some including; captain of the National Guard and minority leader of the New York Assembly. Years after his mother and wife’s deaths he resumed his political track, first as a civil service commissioner, then as a New York City police commissioner and Assistant U.S. Navy Secretary while President William McKinley was in office. Having interest in the Spanish-American War, Teddy left the government and established a group of volunteered men, known as the Rough Riders.
Teddy Roosevelt was known as the first environmentalist president by signing ,in 1906, the National Monuments Act, thus protecting sites at the Grand Canyon and creating what we know as the National Parks of America. Teddy Roosevelt's energetic vision assisted in

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