Why Is Theodore Roosevelt Considered The First Modern President

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Teddy Roosevelt: The First Modern President Forty-four presidents have had the honor and privilege to serve our country and put forth their ideas. Although this group is small, the majority of presidents are forgotten by the general public because of their complacency or lack of credible achievements in office. The memorable leaders of the United States are highlighted in movies, documentaries and classes. The effective presidents usually win wars, create financial prosperity or solve a crisis or issue. Several modern presidents have been able to achieve these goals but one president is special because he began the notion or coined the term Modern President. Theodore Roosevelt was the twenty-sixth President of the United States serving from …show more content…

This has continued today as the president remains the most powerful figure in the United States. His charisma and honestly allowed him to be an effective president although he lacked the political skills that other presidents might posses. Teddy’s largest domestic achievement was the implementation of the Square Deal which focuses on conservation of natural resources, control of corporations and consumer protection.(6) Roosevelt showed his fearlessness as he attacked some of the wealthiest and prominent figures in America. Insuring that the rush of industrialization and technology was not the death of America and instead allowed the country to prosper. Realizing the danger of developing industry, Roosevelt also made sure to protect millions of acres of land in order to preserve the American resources and landscape. This showed Roosevelt was able to think about the future as well since most citizens at that time believed that our resources would last forever and some presidents would have seen the possibility of making big business happy as the right choice in order to secure connections or money. Foreignly, Theodore Roosevelt made three large impacts during his terms. First, acting upon his notion of carrying a big stick, he sent the Great White Fleet around the world to display America’s power. The most advanced naval ships in the world were built and painted white to display a intimidating peaceful fleet. Roosevelt also managed the building of the Panama Canal which drastically improved the world trade by ship. The construction was monumental by itself but just being able to build the canal required a large amount of work. Roosevelt sent ships and aid in order to assist Panama in declaring independence from Columbia.(4) After they were able to have independence it took another decade and tens of thousands of workers in order to build

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