Analysis Of Herbert Hoover's Campaign Speech: Rugged Individualism

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This is a campaign speech by Herbert Hoover called "Rugged Individualism.” Hoover was Secretary of Commerce under Harding and Coolidge before running as a presidential candidate in 1928. He was a proponent of public works done voluntarily by the communities and private organizations. Because of his efforts to improve standard of living, he was labeled as "The Great Humanitarian." Hoover was born in Iowa but grew up in Oregon as the son of a blacksmith. He graduated from Sanford University and lived in China for a time aiding in humanitarian efforts during the Boxer Rebellion. He was eventually appointed as the head of the Food Administration by President Wilson. He served in other influential roles before being selected as the Republican nominee in 1928. He was elected the 31st President of the United States. “His election seemed to ensure prosperity. Yet within months the stock market crashed, and the Nation spiraled downward into depression.” …show more content…

Long, holds the idea that the government should intervene in industry in order to share wealth across all classes to provide equal opportunity, while President Hoover advocates as little government intervention as possible without actually becoming laissez faire. I agree more with Hoover, although Long makes some points that I do not necessarily disagree with, such as opportunity of inheritance. I use Haiti as an example in distributing wealth after gaining independence. Without large economic and industrial holders, they were never able to advance in technology or business because no one had the resources to get it started. I do not blame the top 1% for the economic downfall of the lower class, but I see larger social problems as the main source especially in American Society. I believe all are created equal and although, some may be born into opportunity, everyone has an equal chance to make opportunity, but first they have to get away from

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