What Are The Obstacles That Roosevelt Faced

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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt enters the American history after serving for the longest term from 1933 to 1945. The courage with which he responded to some of the challenges he faced during his tenure made impact to the American peoples’ lives and is a standing out figure in the American history. This was a time when Depression and was concern and people elected him to power with great hopes that he could offer a lasting solution to this challenge. Germany and Japan were by this time rising to power and FDR could not control this. Franklin promised his people a new deal once he got to power and he truly delivered the promise. He came up with policies which enabled the United States to make notable improvement on the existing economic, social and political disasters. The people of America believed he could deliver whatever he had started and this made it easy for them to elect him back after the expiry of one term to give him more time to implement whatever he had already started and was yet to come to completion. …show more content…

This was in 1935 when the federal government came up with rights which allowed the various unions to team up and bargain in a collective way. The standards for Fair Labor that were implementing in 1938 gave a critical boost to the economy and the impact is still evident until today. Financial assistance was offered to the aged people and the unemployed who were not in a position to provide for their basics. The rural and agricultural set ups were boosted with fair prices for their commodities and a number of programs were put in place to increase the productivity and at the same time ensuring a good pay for these people. Later in 1937, his government embraced a fiscal policy and it was able to take up its role in mending all the weak points which had a negative impact on the economy of

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