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America has a long history, dating back all the way to 1776. The very first president was elected in 1789, but one of these historical figures stands out above all the rest. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt saw a problem in America and did everything in his power to solve it. He has earned so much respect from American citizens that he is the face we see on a dime, which is worth 10 cents. Although he seemed like a great president, not everyone is perfect and he still made some mistakes. Therefore, an appropriate statement to make is that FDR was an effective leader but was flawed. He provided programs to aid/help people to end the Great Depression and led America to victory in World War II. However, FDR used some immoral methods to achieve his main goals. …show more content…

All of his programs were included in the New Deal. The New Deal was created by President Roosevelt to get America out of the depression. One program he organized was the CCC, which stood for Civilian Conservation Corps. This program provided jobs for young men aged 18-25. The work they did in the CCC was mainly a variety of different conservation projects like planting trees, annihilating stream pollution, creating fish and bird sanctuaries, and many more (Doc B). Another program that was made was the Work Progress Administration (WPA). As a result of the WPA, many buildings, roads, airports, and schools were built and it gave work to many people. Most people who got employed were either painters, musicians, or writers. This program helped about a total of 9 million people in America (Doc B). After the New Deal was created, the unemployment rate went down drastically (Doc D). The New Deal had a massive impact on American lives during the Great

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