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As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people." Roosevelt created the New Deal in 1933 in response to The Great Depression. He was hopeful that it would bring about immediate economic relief and reforms in the government. It was voted in favor by the American people who wanted to see noticeable change in their country. The New Deal was based upon the principle of a government regulated economy that looked to balance opposite economic interests. A lot of the New Deal's legislation changes were enforced within the first 3 months of FDR's presidency, also known as the Hundred Days. The first goal was to decrease the severe unemployment rate throughout the nation. The New Deal accomplished this by establishing the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps which provided short term jobs for the unemployed. Other things the New Deal covered included: relief reforms, labor, and banks. …show more content…

The Webster dictionary defines fascism as a way of organizing a society where a government that is ruled by a dictator that controls the people. It is a very harsh form of authority. For over 125 years, Americans were used to an economic system where they kept all of their earnings, and the economy was not regulated by the government. The United States government run on free markets and free enterprise. The New Deal was the first permanent act that changed the government entirely. The time period is now referred to as the welfare state and regulated economy. The system Roosevelt used forced the people to give money to the government, and in return, the government gave it to other people in need. The New Deal has similar roots as Stalin's and Hitler's socialist systems in the Soviet Union and Mussolini's fascist system in

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