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Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the New Deal to help many people that were affected by the depression that started in October 1929. The Wall Street crash in 1929 would be the crash that would cause a depression in America and that was the economic depression. After the depression that Wall Street market crashed. 12 million people were put out of work, which also caused 20,000 companies to go bankrupt. Many people were depressed and were looking for a way out. I found out that 23,000 people had committed suicide in a year because they didn’t know what else to do, something had to be done. Along with the Wall Street crash many people lost all of their money. “This meant they would not be buying produce and this caused many businesses to go out of business.” “FDR also created “Alphabet Agencies to help combat the depression, and these …show more content…

“The main aims of the New Deal and the three R’s were Relief, Recovery, and Reform. Relief was for the homeless and unemployed. Recovery was for industry, agriculture, and banks. Reform was to prevent the depression from happening again.” The first hundred days in 1933 where FDR focused on relief and recovery. The “Second New Deal” was focusing on the Reform. It went in that order. “Roosevelt strongly believed that the government should help the people that were affected worst by the depression.” And that is why he created 50 plus ‘Alphabet’ agencies. “He wanted to ease the pressure on the government as well as the public.” The best known ‘Alphabet’ agencies are the: “Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA). This helped the poor in a number of basic ways, such as giving clothing grants and setting up soup kitchens

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