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In 1929, countless citizens around America were left without jobs. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sent around 3 million single men from age 17 to 23, to jobs for $30 dollars a month, that would help provide for themselves and their families. The president ended up giving jobs to 8.5 million people in the United States (“The New Deal”). Nevertheless, Roosevelt’s plan for the government to help Americans gave faith to everyone around the country. “Owners and managers lost confidence in the economy. They reduced the production levels and laid off employees” (Hayes). Consequently, businesses were also forced to close their stores because of the loss of money and customers. “I thought this would only affect the rich. Then along with millions of others across the nation, I was without a job” (Hayes). By all means, millions of Americans worlds …show more content…

In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected on a campaign promising a “New Deal” which would insure that the government was helping Americans during the Great Depression (“New Deal”). In result, The New Deal gave hope to citizens that they would be saved from the time of discouragement. “Congress drafted the Emergency Banking Bill of 1933, which stabilized the banking system and restored the public’s faith in the banking industry” (“New Deal”). After the stocks crashed and all money was lost, Americans lost all trust in banks. Roosevelt made sure that citizens could trust banks with their money once again. “The National Industrial Recovery Act and the National Recovery Administration were designed to address the unemployment by regulating the number of hours worked per week and banning child labor” (“New Deal”). The president and congress re-organized all working situations in order to equally disperse money to everyone living in America. President Roosevelt's acts reconstructed Americans jobs and their

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