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Noah Serna Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Plan tried to help America get out of the Great Depression by stabilizing the bank systems, raising the unemployment rate, and establishing public works. However, with all of this being developed Roosevelt overstepped the bounds of his power as the president. The New Deal was a set of federal programs that were established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. The goal of the deal was to impact the American citizens by expressing three words which were Relief, Recovery, and Reform. The first step in the New Deal was to stabilize the banking system, which had collapsed during the Great Depression. Roosevelt instilled new banking safeguards so that the citizens could trust the banks with their money. The New Deal also created the Civil Works …show more content…

Roosevelt’s New Deal was able to reshape America however in accomplishing this, he overstepped the bounds of his power as the President of the United States. The New Deal was first denied by the Supreme Court because Congress could not delegate such power to an executive body. President Roosevelt was determined to get the plan into action, so he threatened the Supreme Court to change the number of justices to allow him to assign new justices who would favor his own views. This caused the Supreme Court to begin to take a more generous view towards his New Deal which eventually led them to pass Roosevelt’s reform ideas, which were unconstitutional. Another thing that caused Roosevelt to overstep his bounds was when he ordered and send Japanese descent citizens to internment camps. The relocation of Japanese Americans was caused by the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was considered one of the most brutal violations of the American civil rights because many citizens were forced to relocate to a new place. Although President Roosevelt was a great President, there were some things that he needed to act on that caused him to overstep the bounds of his power as

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