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The New Deal had both positive and negative effects when looking back at it. One of the biggest positive aspects of the New Deal was the National Labor Relations Act. The result of this “was to inhibit employers’ opposition to union organization and true collective bargaining, so that trade union membership was more than doubled” (The New Republic, Doc 1). This helped the National Labor Relations Act become a very strong movement for the American people. Without a strong labor movement, the possibility of being industrially modern would not exist and it all started with the foundation. The foundation, like in any movement in history, is important because our future depends on what happens from the first step to the last. Also, people in the …show more content…

One of the biggest factors that played into the New Deal was the distribution of money. In the United State we were a land of prosperity, but the problem was that “too few controlled the money and the wealth and too many did not have money with which to buy the things they needed for life and comfort” (Huey P. Long’s, Doc 4). Basically all of the money is going to the super wealthy and none of it is going to the poor. This is then effecting the economy because the money is not circulating which then causes over production because goods are not being sold. If money is not circulating, then the consumers and producers are not benefiting which then causes more problems. Another negative aspect to the New Deal is also stated in this document. As stated in the document, “Mr. Roosevelt made those promises; he made them before he was nominated,” “before he was elected,” “and he went so far as to remake those promises after he was inaugurated President of the United States” which is what FDR was running on for his presidency in 1933 (Huey P. Long’s, Doc 4). It was not a good idea of him to run with this front and center because it was honestly asking a lot of him to do the things he was proposing. Even restating this two more times, especially after he won the presidency was giving the country too much false hope. The New Deal that he was proposing never ended up getting the country out of the Great

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