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FDR: The Excellent but Flawed President The United States has had many great presidents, throughout the 200 years of history. One of the most known Presidents was Franklin Roosevelt or FDR. Roosevelt was elected in 1934, after Herbert Hoover. FRD was the President during two very important times, The Great Depression and World War Two. He has many monuments named in the honor of his time during his Presidency. FDR was a good leader with many flaws because he created the new deal. He also gave Americans hope. However, he sent many Japanese Americans to Internment Camps. Franklin Roosevelt created the new deal. The new deal was a program that created jobs during the Great Depression. The New Deal was a program that created jobs for people during the depression. Some of the programs they made where the CCC, WPA and other programs (Doc B). The New Deal had a positive effect on the people during the great depression because it gave people jobs and a way to make money.The New Deal had employed many people giving them jobs for example, at the beginning of the Great Depression unemployment was at its highest 25% and when the new deal was put into action unemployment …show more content…

Franklin Roosevelt had a positive effect on people and gave many people hope. He told Americans that there was nothing to fear except for fear its self. That speech gave many Americans hope, the Americans believed that Franklin Roosevelt would help them get out of the Depression. FDR also introduced many new ideas such as the New deal and the Programs in the New Deal. He also held fireside chats that explained the New Deal and Defend the New Deal. The fireside chats gave Americans hope because he explained his ideas helping Americans understand his ideas and the purpose of his ideas (Doc E). Also, Franklin Roosevelt talked to Americans using a down to earth manner. The calming manner Calmed Americans, giving Americans more hope through the Great Depression (Doc

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