Franklin Delano Roosevelt And The New Deal

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If you had no job and the government had lost your money and your family needed you what would you do? Franklin Delano Roosevelt did a lot of things during his presidency but, the New Deal out stands the rest. The New Deal was programs that FDR put into place so that the past Great Depression would not replay itself. He changed America for the better after one of the hardest times in History. This was known as the Great Depression. FDR helped America pull through those struggles that lasted for more than 10 years. There’s programs such as the CCC, SSA and FDIC. They were made to help all different groups of people during these hard times. “Unemployment was still high , and the depression was far from beaten,but the degree of human suffering caused by the depression had been significantly decreased by the New Deal programs. President Roosevelt had made a breathtakingly fast start” (Schraff 67). …show more content…

He is the 32nd president of the United States of America. “Inagurated on March 6, 1933 the New deal is his trade mark, his campaign promised something for everybody. He pledged to the unemployed that nobody would starve and there would be work” (Schraff 34). He was the only president to ever be elected 4 times. The people liked him and what he stood for. He delivered many speeches with confidence about the changes he wanted to make. That's what they liked about him he had confidence and he took action. The New Deal was one of FDR’s greatest accomplishments which helped ease the damage the Great Depression had

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