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Thousands of people littered the streets, slowly losing any hope of their lives going back to the way it was before the depression, money, hope, jobs, and families gone. The former president, Hoover, was the president at the start of The Great Depression. He had only been in office for seven months and then the stock market crashed. He never took time to realize how grave the situation of the United States was and banks and businesses were slowly failing. In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president and in his campaigns he stated he would make “a new deal for American people.” Before and while President Roosevelt was creating The New Deal he would speak on the radio to give hope; these chats were called fireside chats. He would use …show more content…

So many people had lost their jobs after the stock market crashed because money was very scarce. Since the people did not have jobs they were not able to make any money, and they were soon homeless. That is when Roosevelt stepped in. He created The New Deal, but he needed it to be huge and Roosevelt needed to gain his people’s trust. He gave huge speeches and people slowly started to gain confidence in him. Roosevelt’s first act of The New Deal was the Emergency Banking Act which closed all banks giving them time to get organized and figure everything out. Slowly he started to make more and more acts slowly saving the United States. People gained jobs in the government and in businesses. Banks started trying to get things organized and gain back what they had lost. No matter how hard the people tried the economy still suffered greatly, and it even affected foreign nations, such as Great Britain and France. Franklin D. Roosevelt tried so hard to fix the economy struggle but all his attempts were …show more content…

President Roosevelt knew that in making these new deal there would be some parts of it their help would be to no avail. Roosevelt kept this in mind and if he or anyone else found a problem he was quick to counter it. If one of the organizations was failing or making the people mad President Roosevelt would quickly revise the association, or he would get rid of it. His whole purpose of trying to fix it and make it better was that he wanted to make it was to help the people and even if The New Deal ended up ending in failure President Roosevelt would still know that he tried than knowing he did nothing at all. Some organizations and decisions that were made were seen as unconstitutional and President Roosevelt would make the constitutional or get rid of them. Slowly all of his efforts started to pay off and the many effects of The New Deal started to show. Many people thought that theses new deal just helped interest rates, farms and nothing that could help in the long run, but they were wrong. It did not get the people out of the depression, but it helped combat the effects. The New Deal did more than help the people it also helps strengthen the Democratic party. One major thing we got from The New Deal was the Social Security Act which is still used today. It gave people who are in their later years in life old-age benefits, people unemployment

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