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The New Deal The New Deal consisted of a series of programs enacted between 1933 and 1938. The New Deal was created to end The Great Depression which started on what people called a "Black Tuesday" October 29, 1929-1939. While people still debate today whether The New Deal was for the better of America or whether it wasn't many can argue that even with it's disadvantages it still got America out of the huge economic slump it was in. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was elected in March 1933, immediately began to take action after his election. He wanted to address the problems of unemployment, homelessness, and the nation's economic crisis. The goals of The New Deal were clear to Franklin. Three simple goals …show more content…

Relief. The first act to be passed in 1933 was the Emergency Banking Act. This act was created to help banks reopen on the condition of being financially stable. Just after three days more than five thousand banks had been reopened to the public. The second act that was passed was called the Federal Emergency Relief Act. The goal of this act was to provide work for employable people on the relief rolls, have a variety of relief programs, and to provide grants from the federal government that helped projects of agriculture, arts, construction, and education. The Public Works Administration Act was created to provide employment, stabilize purchasing power, and help revive the economy. The Civilian Conservation Corps Act was also another act passed in 1933. It's goal was to promote environmental conservation and to build good citizens through vigorous, disciplined outdoor labor. Franklin supported this act because he believed it would keep youth off the city street corners. It mainly consisted of camps called the CCC camps where men were kept under the control of the army who operated the camps. The last act that was created in 1933 …show more content…

Three acts were passed during 1933. The National Recovery Act, The Agricultural Adjustment Act, and The Home Owner's Loan Corporation. The National Recovery Act was passed by congress to give authorization to the president to regulate industry. The Agricultural Adjustment Act was passed to reduce crop surplus and effectively raise the value of crops. The Home Owner's Loan Corporation Act. This act was passed to refinance home mortgages in default to prevent foreclosure. The Federal Housing Administration Act which was passed in 1934 created our current financial mortgaging system. In 1937 another Agricultural Adjustment Act was created. REFORM. Franklin's third goal was to create a reform of the financial system. (Banks and the stock

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