New Deal Dbq

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The Lowdown on the New Deal
To understand what the New Deal is you need to know about the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, known as FDR, was elect president when the Great Depression was at it’s worst time. In the olden days if you lost your job, you didn’t get any help from the Government. So, FDR came up with the idea of the New Deal. The New Deal is laws that were created to help citizens get money.The New Deal was effective because it helped the people, made a better community, and improved the economy.
FDR created the New Deal to help people during the Great Depression. For example, in Document A, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is giving one-quarter of a million people who are unemployed a chance to be employed. He added more to the New Deal because he saw the improvement on the first New Deal.Another example is, …show more content…

The Works Progress Administration, WPA, is one of the largest Acts and is one of the most effective acts towards the community's. During the Great Depression a lot of people went Luikart 2 bankrupt and lost their jobs. When the New Deal was made, the Works Progress Administration Act, made a better community because it deals with the public. For example, the WPA does things like fixing bridges, houses, and roads. By creating the New Deal, it made a better community because town/cities became nicer with the help of the Works Progress Administration Act. Franklin D Roosevelt made the New Deal to lift US economy out of the Great Depression. When FDR made the New Deal he had the idea that by giving citizens jobs and money, it would make citizens spend money and that would improve the Economy. So, if the citizens spend money it would make the business more successful and the business would need to hire workers. Lastly, by doing this it would improve the Economy. This was basically the whole idea of the New Deal by

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