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The greatest downfall in American history began in the 1930s as the stock market crashed and unemployment rates rose. Hoover, the president at the time did nothing to little to help his people. As another presidential election came the democratic nominee, Franklin Delano Roosevelt promised a New Deal. Without a clear plan or layout Americans were desperate and voted for FDR as the 32nd president of the United States. New Deals were merely a set of experiments conducted by FDR’s brain trust. New laws, programs, and agencies were created within Roosevelt's first hundred days in presidency. Ultimately his New Deals were unsuccessful considering the fact that it relived what Lincoln killed, only provided emotional support to a certain extent, and only decreased the number of unemployment for a short period of time. The 16th president of the United States successfully included the new amendment that would end the Civil War. The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery but people still found loopholes such as sharecropping. African Americans were not equal and along with the New Deal the amount of discrimination increased. Not only did the New deals separate and lower the pay amount for …show more content…

The New was bargaining the money they did not have. FDR attempted to help better the situation but ultimately he only provide emotional support rather than financial support, “ ...made a lot of us feel a lot better even when there wasn’t much to eat in our homes” (Doc. C) Roosevelt was a kind hearted man, he tried to help and he did help but at the end of the day the United States was still in Great Depression. His New Deals still left most Americans without food on their plate when it came at dinner time. Additionally the situation was getting so bad that many prefer death than to be living in a financial crisis. The New Deals did not help at all and the great depression was spreading far enough mentally bending them into ending their life. (Doc.

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