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During the 1930’s, America faced the worst depression in the nation’s history due to a number of factors. America just emerged from the 1920’s, which saw tremendous amounts of economic activity, although many Americans had poor spending habits and lacked the necessary economic knowledge to avoid losing their money. A common practice at the time was to take out loans from banks and invest the money into the stock market. This led to a sharp rise in the prices of many stocks due to the increased interest in investing in the stock market. The stock market eventually faced a crash in 1929 and many scared investors quickly sold their stocks which drove prices down greatly. This stock market crash along with overproduction and decreased consumer …show more content…

He created hundreds of programs that were meant to help get America out of the depression quickly. Some of the programs were public works projects that hired workers to build up parts of America’s infrastructure. Others were intended to provide funds and resources to the unemployed and others in need. This included social security, which aimed to provide money to those most in need. This large wealth of programs is illustrated in The Evening Star’s drawing of Roosevelt and a presentation of his New Deal (Doc 3). The cartoon depicts New Deal as a tree that continues to grow new branches, which are in reality new programs that are being funded. This shows that the government continued to create new programs when others failed to carry out their intended purpose. The immense waste of federal funding was observed by William Lloyd Garrison Jr. , who pointed out that six billion dollars have been added to the national debt since the creation of the New Deal (Doc 4). Garrison’s purpose with his article on New Deal was to show its ineffectiveness and that it worked against itself during many points of its lifespan. The Roosevelt administration never successfully ended the depression and only managed to slightly improve the conditions of the lives of many Americans. It served mainly to allow the country to barely sustain until a major event can help resuscitate the economy. This event came in the form of World War II, which led to great economic growth and brought the Great Depression to an

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