The New Deal Dbq Essay

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The Great Depression.
During the Great Depression President Roosevelt tried many remedies to stop the depression from getting worse. He introduced many Acts to help. When Roosevelt was elected as president he made Americans a promise to help them get back on their feet (Florida Center for Instructional Technology). The New Deal set out many acts to help like he promised. Soon enough Americans were finding jobs, finding food, and getting homes again. Though this time America learned something, not taking money for granted because you never know when you could lose everything you own. Roosevelt's administrations did not help The Great Depression to end. There were many problems that came with the depression, social effects, suicide, unemployment, loss of jobs, loss of houses, loss of land and businesses.

The Great Depression caused many social effects. People say the fall of the Wall Street is what triggered the depression. Many men had commit suicide because of the embarrassment and failure they faced. During the 20’s the average suicide rate was 12.1%, which jumped to 18.9% …show more content…

It started to rise as the federal spending did (document 12). People started protesting that everyone needs to wake up because they have been in 3 years of the depression and they did not think that Roosevelt was helping (Document 9). The National Youth Administration helped families incomes. The program lets kids work for pay so that all children could stay in school. Helen Farmer said that she was up all night doing homework because she had to work after school, she says it is a good program because all kids still have the chance to go to school and learn necessary skills but they can still work and get paid to help their families during the depression (Document 11). In 1933 an act came out that let young men be employed in public works. The government tried to construct more roads, buildings, and other buildings to help the

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