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In 1929, the Great Depression officially took ahold of the public, and made the United States turn into a fiasco, which left President Hoover as the face of the blame and the next president, Franklin Roosevelt (FDR), as the acclaimed ‘hero.’ FDR’s response to the Great Depression may have been provoked by President Hoover’s inaction and the nation’s underlying cry for government help. Since the means of consumption, investment, and trade were all cut off, the only factor left to grow the gross domestic product (GDP) was the government, and the soon-to-be president, Roosevelt from the election of 1928, will be suited for the job of using the government. These responses will be directed towards unemployment, government financial aid, and the …show more content…

This intervention came through social security, which was a check to older-aged persons sixty-five and older (Doc. E). The money was only provided to people that were eligible from previously working, and was created as a cushion. Other accommodations with money were targeted towards the blind, physically handicapped, delinquent children, and other dependents requiring some type of provision. During the process of giving money, on the other hand is the increase of a national debt. The New Deal had used an enormous amount of federal money for human relief and for public-works project, which accumulated to around six billion dollars (Doc. D). While this is a large national debt, this money spending demonstrated how the government recognized its responsibility to the welfare of their citizens, especially during a time as drastic as the Great Depression. This will enhance the idea of the government actually putting a foot into the poor pockets of the public, to actually deposit rather than …show more content…

The ‘evolution’ of the government manifested the dozens of ‘alphabet agencies’ (Doc. C.) These agencies included: AAA, CCC, NRA, and many others. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration was established to eliminate the price- depressing surpluses by creating subsidized scarcity, thus the government would pay farmers not to farm. The Civilian Conservation Corporation was established to create work among young men through projects, where the majority of the money was sent home and the National Recovery Administration was designed to help industry, labor, and the unemployed. Two of these agencies met their downfall by the Supreme Court, the AAA and NRA, due to their unconstitutional existence, but persistence created the Second AAA and the Public Works Administration in their places. Additions did not stop at the new agency level, as efficient organization of the whole executive department took root, like the planning board under the President (Doc. H). This brought the ability for the executive branch to grow in power as President Roosevelt had already taken the executive branch to a new level by the One Hundred Days Congress providing him some legislative powers, which will be withdrawn by the conservative Supreme Court. Noteworthily, FDR even advanced his own political party by affecting the demographic of voters through his new agencies and renovations as

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