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When Franklin Roosevelt took office the Great Depression was in full swing but this depression was caused by a laissez faire attitude wich not only stupid but unproductive from Herbert Hoover . Even after he did start to do something, it was too little, too late. So it was good news when FDR took office in 1932 because he passed a hurricane of legislation called the New Deal, whose goal was to help the economy recover.
Roosevelt's organizations such as the (CCC, WPA, PWA, etc.) as shown in doc 3 with a cartoon that illustrates the many solutions Franklin Roosevelt gave to the United states as well as the cultural improvements to society .Yet it came at a cost, many people were concerned that this change was costing too much …show more content…

In Roosevelt's first Hundred Days he passed more legislation than any other time in American history . In his attempts to fix America's problems, he conveyed willingly or unwillingly that he intended to preserve capitalism rather than get rid of it. Which despite its best intentions the New Deal and the creator FDR came under fire from criticism on both ends of the spectrum. The explosive expansion of government power and involvement in the economy drew criticism that the New Deal was doing too much and becoming a socialist movement into American society. It was trying to control all aspects of life which is clearly shown in Document 1 with the letter from Senator Roberts Stating his discomfort to the american …show more content…

This caused a stalemate with the governments economic relationship with the people in that the government didn't do much to improve the economy until Roosevelt came into office . Yet when Roosevelt first came to office the brain trust and him enacted the banking holiday where he shut down all the banks to be put under inspection so when reopened he could reaffirm there after both throughout fireside chats and throughout FDIC which although passed later was immensely important that banks were safe .This one of the first tools FDR used that brought the government back into social and economic affairs so he could undo the cloud of problems covering the depression. In addition to the creation of the NRA to aid the economy , FDR created welfare programs such as the CWA and the CCC. Both programs put people to work on temporary project funded by the government. The purpose of the projects was to lower unemployment rates and to stimulate the economy by giving many men a source of money.Even though they did make them send most of it away to families to prevent the men from spending the money on drink or women ,( men

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