Great Depression Dbq

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During the Progressive Era, cities' living and working environments had deteriorated, however, the Progressive Presidents created laws and acts that brought the country forward. At the same time, the new industrial economy's wealth became more concentrated in a limited number of families. Although this concentration of economic power made wealthy families value more materialistic concepts , the lower class was able to influence the world through the jazz age and the Harlem renaissance. This rise in entertainment made this dark period more lively, but also led to more consumerism which ultimately caused a stock market crash. In 1929 Hoover decided to take over which just so happens to be the year the nation plummets. Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, proved to play a pivotal role in the emergence of the Great …show more content…

As stocks continued to fall, the nation lost hope, businesses were failing and unemployment rose dramatically. The president at the time, Herbert Hoover, did many things to control and put an end to the great depression but was unsuccessful. And so the inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt felt like a miracle for the destitute americans. Franklin saw the miserable state of the U.S economy and had a plan, the New deal, This consisted of many fresh ideas to fix the problems of the Great Depression, such as the Glass Steagall Banking Reform Act which was established to properly segregate commercial banking from investment banking. This act created the federal deposit Insurance which ended a century long tradition of unstable banking that reached a crisis during the Great depression. Another development of this time period would be the public works administration which improved America through the construction of over 34,000 projects, including airports, massive electricity-generating dams, and roads, as well as 70% of new schools and a third of

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