The New Deal Dbq Essay

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Many people have different views and stories on how they believe that the great depression began. Some think that it was the result of workers going on strike, so they were then in turn replaced with machinery (Document 4), others thought that it was the fault of the bankers and the loans that were given out. While others went in the direction of blaming people who drifted from church or capitalism’s greed. Franklin Roosevelt's responses to the problems of the Great Depression was effective, but it had its downfalls. In Franklin Roosevelt's first one hundred days of being in office, he created plans for restructuring the economy. When Franklin Roosevelt's set his New Deal programs into motion, his administration responded by making policies that would create reform and recovery. Franklin Roosevelt's response to the New Deal programs reformed many policies, helped hundreds of Americans, stopped America's economic collapse and ultimately expanded the government's power. …show more content…

The Emergency Banking Act shut down all banks and only allowed them to reopen once they had under gone a government inspection. This Act began to restore trust in the banking system for many Americans. Franklin Roosevelt increased the government's power by making the National labor Relations Board (NLRB). When The Wagner Act was made it changed the role of the government by adding social justice to the government's responsibility of what to provide to citizens, political rights and economic security. Another program that provided reform was social security; social security gave pensions to elderly workers, along with many other benefits to

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