New Deal Dbq

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New Deal
The Great Depression began soon after the stock market crashed. As a result, the people lost their jobs, banks failed, and companies went bankrupt. One long term cause of the Great Depression was when people put their money in banks and when they went back to get It, It was not there because the banks had no money because they loaned it out to big companies and then the big companies were not making money so they could not pay the banks back. The second long term cause was when they had to shut down the railroad tracks because It was replaced by busses and cars. Hoover got elected in 1928. The three things he believed in were rugged individualism, a belief that people had to be responsible for their success and failure. He also …show more content…

For example, the WPA helped underprivileged children by serving 80,000,000 hot meals at 10,000 schools in one year. It gave children whose families did not have enough money to feed them at least one hot meal a day. It also gave needy women jobs to prepare the food for the children. This gave women jobs which they needed. It also gave unemployed men jobs like building railroad tracks, buildings, bridges and other public works. Men were able to earn money to support their families. With money, people could buy products and put money in the bank. the WPA really helped the economy to grow again. Another program that helped people was Social Security Administration. it helped many kinds of people, for example, the old, the disabled, the widowed and children with only one parent. The SSA was the first time that the government gave money to help people who needed it. I think it was necessary to end the depression and many of the people who the SSA helps cannot help …show more content…

The Emergency Banking Relief Act (EBRA) stated that if a bank failed, the government guaranteed the people would get their money back. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reformed the stock market by creating rules to make it safer to invest money. The Commission became like the police to protect people and their investments. During the Depression, there was overproduction of food., so food was cheap and the farmers did not have enough money to keep their farms. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration helped to raise the price of agricultural products by paying the farmer to grow certain crops and not to grow others, so he was able to make more

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