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In October 19, 1929, the stock market crashed, and soon afterwards so did the banks. Unemployment rose, poverty rose, and the overall Gross Domestic Product dramatically dropped. During Hoover’s administration, not much was done to help the public, Hoover believed that hard work would get them out of the depression, unfortunately, Hoover could have lessened the depression by getting America out of the gold standard, but he never did this. In the election of 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt(FDR) crushed Hoover. FDR in the following years, he will begin his New Deal which he hopes will fix the economy. FDR through his New Deal will provide more jobs, provide “hot meals” for the children at school, and give emotional support through his fireside chats, …show more content…

This cycle continues until 1932, where unemployment peaked at 22.5%. The following year, FDR was elected and he got the US out if the gold standard and began his New Deal. Afterwards, unemployment dropped every year except for 1938(Doc E). Document E was published by Journal of Economic History in 1983. These historians were looking back at the past and were able to acquire information unbiasedly and overall the source of this is reliable. FDR’s New Deal was clearly a success, through Keynesian economics and all his new organizations, CCC, AAA, PWA, he provided tons of jobs which improved the economy.(Doc AND) Document A is a speech by FDR in 1933. FDR at this time used his Fireside Chats to talk to his people and provide the support they needed. This being directly by FDR brings an immense power to the document since FDR is debatably the best president America has ever had. Document D was a speech by Ellen S. Woodward, assistant administrator of the WPA. Speeches normally are stronger and usually have a larger effect on the people so this speech must have been received really well since it addresses all the good things the WPA have done for the …show more content…

The Works Progress Administration(WPA) resolved this problem, the WPA began to provide nourishment to starving children. They served half a million dinners a day to over ten thousand schools. These meals were stated to be their “only hot meal of the day.” Besides to helping the children of the US, the WPA provided over ten thousand jobs and that is only if they put one employee in each school which would be too much for any man or woman.(Doc D). In addition to providing food to the children, FDR also provide emotional support through his Fireside Chats. FDR was not capable of feeding all his people but he could at least comfort them. George Dobbin, a poor cotton mill worker, stated that FDR provided the comfort in his time of need, he stood up for the “workin’ man,” and this made Roosevelt the man with the biggest heart.(Doc C) Document C was published by the Federal Writers’ Project in 1939 founded by FDR. This government agency was founded by FDR, meaning when choosing somebody to interview they could have chosen somebody that saw FDR in a positive way, since showing FDR in a negative light might led to the Federal Writers’ Project receiving less

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