Great Depression Dbq

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Roderick Karami
History 118
Professor Bowerman
November 16, 2015
Mid Term / Essay Number Two
The Great Depression in the United states started October 29, 1929 also known as “Black Tuesday” which was when the American stock market which was doing very well ended up crashing, causing the country into its biggest economic fall to this day. President Franklin Roosevelt took over office in 1933, he acted immediately to stabilize the economy and provide jobs to those that were in need. Upon the next eight years the government experienced programs relatively known as the New Deal that aimed to restore the economy. On March 4, 1933, was the highest point of the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt had his first speech, which helped give people confidence to know they elected the right person to solve the nation’s problems.
During the end of Herbert Hoovers presidential term the economy effected the farmers really bad. President Herbert Hoover was slow to give help to farmers, and he refused to help unemployed workers located in urban areas. Days after President Roosevelt being admitted to office he …show more content…

However because of The Great Depression it caused great suffering which caused numerous proposals of help. In 1934 the Social Security Act of 1934 was created during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s term by the committee on economic security, and passed by congress. The act was an attempt to limit the dangers of American life, including aging, unemployment, and even the stress of fatherless parents or widows. By signing this act President Roosevelt became the first president to acknowledge the federal assistance of the elderly. This act provided benefits to those who have retired, or that are unemployed. This act gave money to states to provide assistance for aged individuals and also to those who are

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