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The Great Depression was a period of immense suffering, in which the worst economic downturn in history was recorded. The unemployment rate was at an all time high, the dust bowl swept across the great plains and America was plain out downtrodden. The Great depression occurred in 1929, a year after president Herbert Hoover was elected. Hoover a conservative, was elected over Al Smith during a prosperous America, but little he did he no the great nation was about to head southward into poverty. Hoover embodied many ideals, which further postponed the collapse of the great depression, these ideals were voluntary cooperation, rugged individualism, and the natural cycles of economy. His beliefs further elevated the Great Depression because, he …show more content…

The Works Progress Administration, Social Security Act, and the National Youth administration provided many jobs to the American people. Based, on document 1 a young female was able to land a job in the NYA. This not only alleviated some burden from her parents,but it also allowed for this also allowed her to spend more money, which recycles through her expenditures and contributes to the economy. The extra money she spent therefore provided even more jobs and helped alleviate the unemployment crisis. In document 6 the WPA provided jobs for many Americans. Not only did it provide jobs, but it also distributed millions of hot meals to children. This meant that it saved parents money that they could entrust in banks and it also helped lower the all-time high unemployment rate. Based on doc 8 the social security act also helped provide jobs by removing the elderly from the work force. The SSA helped the elderly retire by sending them checks and allowing them to survive without having to work anymore. This allowed more workspace in the job market and also allowed the elderly to spend money and continue to contribute to the …show more content…

The Federal housing administration distributed government insured loans in order to buy houses. This allowed people to willingly buy houses fearlessly. This meant that the housing market fail was relieved of its deflated prices. The FHA not only decreased homelessness, but it also helped contribute to the economy by returning the housing prices and made house sales more frequent providing more jobs in real estate. The Home Owner’s loan corporation also helped fight against the housing crisis. The holc simplified the mortgage process and made it easier to buy homes. This meant that people were buying homes quickly providing almost instant relief to the homeless and giving instant money to the economy. The FDIC also indirectly aided the housing process. It established trust by insuring money placed in banks. This meant that more people were trustful towards banks and it allowed the banks to lend out more money to

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