New Deal Dbq Essay

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The Great Depression had several unfortunate impacts on the U.S and it’s citizens. 80% of Americans had no savings(Source A), 28 states had no banks(Source A), 200,000 children were left to roam the country alone(Source A), 1,000 homes were repossessed every day (Source A) These are just few of the tragedies the U.S had to face, due to the Great Depression. The Great Depression damaged our economy, and our lives. The New Deal was successful, because it improved unemployment rates, and it helped farmers. The New Deal improved unemployment rates, which is critical for the economy. Millions of Americans were left out of work because of the Great Depression. Having a job is important because when you have a job, you get paid money. With this money, people can spend it on products bought from certain businesses. This helps the businesses thrive (the economy thrive). So, to solve this problem, the government set up administrations, corporations, and acts. One administration, was the WPA (Works Progress Association). This gave the unemployed jobs to build and maintain jobs, schools, and …show more content…

Farmers were impacted the most/ hit the hardest from the Great Depression. They continued to face economic disparity years after the Great Depression passed. Their farms, resources, even homes were ruined. To help fix this problem, the government created the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority. This supported farmers in a handful of ways, to help repair their lives that had been broken. This shows the New Deal was successful, because this authority helped farmers by building dams to stop flooding, generating electricity to the area, which was helpful to introduce new technology to farmers that they hadn’t been able to use before. This authority also planted trees to conserve soil, and lastly, the TVA actually helped the farmers farm their lands. The TVA helped the farmers get their lives back after the Great

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