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At the beginning of the 1930s the era known as the "Roaring Twenties" died and from it emerged one of the hardest times known to Americans. The 1930s were centered on the Great Depression and how to alleviate the millions of Americans who were affected by it. During this era, the American government, led by Franklin D. Roosevelt, attempted to reform the American economy and the lives of the American people. FDR's New Deal policies implemented in response to the Great Depression, were generally ineffective as they were unable to bring the lasting stability that Roosevelt originally called for. His New Deal policies raised controversy over the government's role in the economy and what some critics labeled socialist ideas. These policies additionally …show more content…

The main reason why the Depression was perpetuated was that of vase unemployment. To change this the Roosevelt administration put a lot of money towards public-works projects (Document D). They created different programs to target different groups of the unemployed. Roosevelt first started with agricultural reforms by establishing the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, which created a relationship between farmers and the government by providing a limit to production. Next came the industrial reforms, which started with the National Recovery Administration that gave employers strict rules for their treatment of their workers. The NRA also tried to create jobs and an economy by starting public works projects. By the second New Deal, there were numerous administrations, as depicted by Document C. The New Deal also introduced the concept of Social Security and Welfare in 1935. Both would act as a safety valve for Americans, as they could be confident that the government would take care of them if they needed it. Social security and welfare were highly advertised by the Social Security board as a way to comfort distressed Americans, who were devastated by their predicament (Document E). Although the New Deal sounded like it would relieve America from the Depression, it barely changed the lives of …show more content…

The New Deal brought reforms to the American economy and the American people. Through public works administrations and Social Security, the New Deal attempted to end the devastation of the Depression. But the Depression caused too large of an impact to be ended by the New Deal, which was radical for some Americans, so it was not supported. In the end, the wartime boom from World War II was the reason why the Depression finally ended, but the New Deal changed the face of the American government by creating a relationship of trust between it and the public. This relationship still exists to an extent when it comes to the government providing for its people, and it would not, had it not been for the New

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