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The New Deal was was a hugely beneficial catalyst that included a vast number of programs and organizations . Although each program or act was targeted at a specific group of people in the United States, they worked together to bring the nation out of the Great Depression. The New Deal was implemented by Franklin Roosevelt right after he stepped into office. According to the New Deal Powerpoint, the previous president, Herbert Hoover, believed that “ Economic depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive announcement.” This was definitely not what the Americans barely getting by wanted to hear. Although Hoover tried a few methods to help the economic crash, nothing he did made enough of an impact to help. On the other hand, …show more content…

In his inaugural address, he said “Our greatest primary task is to put people to work.” It was no wonder that Franklin Roosevelt had a high percentage of popular votes. According to the sources, the New Deal was a liberal response to the Great Depression. In that way, it was different from previous economic policies. What this meant was that the whole creation of the New Deal was based around protecting and preserving the rights of the people. These ideals definitely showed through in the regulations incorporated. For example, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation started in 1933 ended “bank runs” by having governments guarantee bank deposits. Bank runs were definitely a factor that contributed to the fall of the economy. Bank runs were a term given to customers who lost confidence in the safety and security of their money and the bank and decided to withdraw all of it. These acts of panic worsened the crash by leading many banks to go broke for money. This stabilization of the economy benefited many. Another extremely important act came in the form of the Fair Labor Standards Act passed in 1938. This legislative document prevented children under 16 …show more content…

It was also one of the main reasons why the New Deal was opposed by a scattered audience. Republicans and businessmen opposed and criticized the New Deal. They did not want the government to interfere in the business of the people and felt that it may be an intrusion of the government in the American economy. However, with the successful implementation of the New Deal, many American’s view of the government changed and some put their faith in

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