Franklin Delano Fdr Four Terms Essay

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Four terms ran by Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Ryan P. Duong
17 November, 2015
American Federal Government – 1113

A man named Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the first and only president in history to win a fourth term in office in 1944. My curiosity caused me to ask questions. What did he do over the course of his presidency? Another question is, why would he want to run for four terms? And the last question is, why was he allowed to run for four terms? First off, let us get into the time period. During the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt was running for president, the United States was going through economic turmoil. The stock market had crashed already and the U.S. was going through the Great Depression. The entire country was desperate …show more content…

In his first one hundred days, he proposed something called the “New Deal.” This was a way to help fix the financial problems that the U.S. had at the time. He temporarily closed all of the banks to stop people from withdrawing and depositing money. He created a “Brain Trust” of economic advisors that created agencies like the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the National Recovery Administrations, and many other agencies to help the economic circumstances. He decided to run a third time because of world war two. He pushed for having a strong defense against the Axis powers of Germany. He increased the size of our navy and army. He also increased the amount of supplies sent to the allied powers. The people of the United States wanted to stay out of world war two. However, this changed when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Then the U.S. declared war on Japan and its allies and started to actively fight in world war two. Roosevelt became the Commander and Chief of the United States and devised a series of plans to end world war two. Such as the invasion of Normandy, also known as D-Day, the largest naval invasion in history. Franklin Delano Roosevelt led our great nation through the Great Depression and World War …show more content…

According to History, “With President Harry Truman in office, Congress proposed a law that would limit presidents to two consecutive terms.” (FDR wins) Until this law was passed, every other president either stopped after two terms, or just lost in the third term. Another reason why Franklin Delano Roosevelt was allowed to run for four terms is because he was so popular, as a president. According to the American Presidency project, FDR got up to an eighty three percent approval rating in 1943. (Peters &

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