Roosevelt Vs Whift Dbq

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William Taft and Franklin Roosevelt Even though both men tried to expand their power, one succeeded and the other failed. First off William Taft had an effort to further foreign policy aims in Latin America and East Asia. This effort became known as Dollar Diplomacy. William Taft also came up with an approach to foreign policy called the Taft-Knox foreign policy, which later ended up being rejected by president Woodrow Wilson. Unlike Roosevelt, Taft did not believe in the stretching of presidential powers. Taft once said that Roosevelt "ought more often to have admitted the legal way of reaching the same ends." By this statement we can see that Taft was against stretching the powers, and Roosevelt was opposite and wanted to extend the powers. William Taft and his efforts both were unsuccessful. Taft and his effort to further foreign policy in Latin America and East Asia failed to counteract economic instability and the tide of revolution in places like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and China. Also Taft ended up being rejected with his Taft-Knox foreign policy …show more content…

First off Franklin Roosevelt aggressively formulated programs and took decisive action to expand role of government. Delegation led to enhanced powers, and Supreme Court eventually allowed the New Deal; power was given to FDR because of the economic crisis of the Great Depression. The New Deal did nothing to ensure that rights guaranteed to all Americans via the Constitution, such as the right to vote and the right to a fair trial, were guaranteed to blacks. Because of this President Roosevelt had to greatly increase the responsibilities of his office. Franklin Roosevelt believed in stretching the presidential powers. Franklin Roosevelt ended up being successful because power was given to him because of the Great

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