How Did Fdr Influence The American People

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“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” Those famous words uttered by FDR on March 4th, 1933, put him on the Map and he made an indelible mark on America. My interest for FDR and presidents in general began at a young age, i loved FDR and my research for this essay opened my eyes to stuff I did not even know about him. FDR was elected to 3 terms, but not everybody knows why. He was so loved by the American people. As President, he nullified the Great Depression’s effects on the American people. He worked day and night on the Depression for a while at a quick pace and he did some great things in his first few years as president. He led the US through arguably some of the worst years in recent American history, World War 2. He did so many great things for America and it showed in the form of three terms as President. FDR helped Americans with the Economy after the depression, he helped America through World War 2 and set up an organization to ensure a better future. …show more content…

When Japan decided on December 7th to bomb Pearl Harbor we were thrust into a war that we were not even ready for. FDR was the leader of the Armed Forces throughout World War 2 and was a great leader for our country. He assured Americans that we would bring our boys home, although we lost a great number of lives, The Allied Powers Won the war. The Casualties were great and no life is forgotten by the families of the deceased men who died to protect the future of the US. The President would continue to be a very active person despite the war. He held conferences with other Allied Power leaders and continued to put up the front that they would bring down the Axis Powers. They delivered on the promise. Some people wonder what his greatest accomplishment was leading the US out of the Great Depression, some people say it is leading the US through World War 2 but the consensus is that his greatest accomplishment is leading the US through World War 2.

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