Essay On How Did The Us Win World War Ll

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We all know that United States won World War ll, but how did we win? World War ll was a gruesome war between the Nazi Party and the United States and many other countries. The war lasted from 1939 through 1945. United States was brought into the war when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The way that the United states won the war was because our military is strong, we had good allies, and great leaders in office and on the battlefield. The Nazi Party leaders during the war was Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, Benito Mussolini of Italy, and Emperor Hirohito of Japan. The United State president at the time was Franklin D. Roosevelt. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt directed organization of Nation’s manpower and resources for global war. One reason …show more content…

President Franklin Roosevelt was the president during the war. He was born January 30th,1882 in New York. President Franklin helped during the war by aiding our allies. He gave Britain a lot of reinforcement after the Nazi Party captured France. He also established an alliance with Joseph Stalin the leader of the Soviet Union, and many other axis powers. He constantly talked on the radio informing and rallying the American citizens. This helped the war by having men joining to help resupply the army, and giving people hope on winning the war. Adolf Hitler was the leader during the war for the Nazi Party. Hitler was a very smart man with his use of words and encouragement for Germany. He killed himself because they were not going to win the war because the U.S and their allies defeated them. The United states allies helped in the U.S winning the war. The allies that helped us win the war was British, Soviet Union, France and many other countries like Australia. The British gave the United States a lease for 99 years to territories in the Newfoundland’s, and the Caribbean. They gave us long term access to British

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