Why Did The Us Win The Revolutionary War Essay

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The United States won its independence for Great Britain during the Revolutionary War. America struggled to get the advantage, but eventually was able to win the war. In the beginning it proved difficult to even acquire the troops necessary to fight a war. The troops they got had no adeptness for fighting. They struggled throughout the war and at times their chances for success looked bleak. However, even with the odds against them they prevailed. The United States were able to win the war for several different reasons. The colonies did not have a single national capital. Thus the British could not capture the capital, which would end the war. The British had people in the colonies that were loyal to them, and used them to preserve control in the colonies. Though, when it came to using them in battle, the British Commanders chose not to. They did not trust them and felt that they lacked good fighting skills; this alienated possible collaborators. The American militia men’s guerilla tactics proved affective. They put to use tactics they had learned in the Indian Wars; striking quickly from behind trees or fences, then vanishing into the forest. Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben helped turn the American soldiers into an impressive army. Having …show more content…

The soldiers were inadequately trained and lacked ammunition, food, and other provisions. They sometimes even went without clothing and went barefoot in the winter. However, General Washington was able to give them direction and encourage them to persevere. The common soldier would prove important. Soldiers that would endure the hardships and fight for the independence of themselves and their families were vital to America prevailing over the British. Washington had fought with the British in the French and Indian War. He knew the landscape and the tactics of the British Army. This proved important to the success of the

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