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The beginning of American society truly started on September 3, 1783 when the Treaty of Paris was signed and the British recognized the colonies as a sovereign nation. Through this recognition, the colonies established its own presence in the world, therefore creating a unique society. This further differentiated the newly formed states from the colonies and England. The end of the American Revolution marked the beginning of a new era and not only created the United States of America, but also shaped the newly formed country 's politics, society, and economy.
The politics of the newly independent country were shaped by the founding fathers’ past experiences with the British monarchy and parliament. They had to remember why the country left England originally and establish a government that avoided the mistakes Parliament made. James Madison warned in The Federalist that government had to monitor and control itself to control the citizens (Doc I). To do this, a bicameral legislature and three branches of government were created to balance the political power; to avoid one branch from gaining too much power the branches were able to check each other. In addition to the formation of the government, laws were passed to protect the colonists’ rights. One example of these laws was the Statutes at Large …show more content…

The politics, society, and economy was shaped by the American victory against the British in the American Revolution. When forming the new government, the founding fathers considered the relationship the colonies had with the British before the revolution and how they could please the citizens of America. Women became more active and influential in the war and formation of America, than in colonial America’s society. In addition to the new government, a new economic system also had to be formed in order to insure future prosperity. Much of the economy before and after the war was similar, but trade was able to expand now that England was not monopolizing their

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