DBQ Essay: How Revolutionary Was The American Revolution

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There was tension, blood, and tears with the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain. This was due to the American Revolution that started in 1765 and ended in 1783. So how revolutionary was the American revolutionary war? Well, first what does revolutionary mean? Revolutionary means that things have changed dramatically. In that case, the American Revolution was very revolutionary because there were political, social, and economic changes. Wealthy people lost their money, there was a new government, it made citizens question slavery, and certainly more freedom for the Americans. The American Revolution resulted in the establishment of an independent nation; British colonists became American citizens. That was a vast change in U.S history. There's an illustration that indicates that they didn't look up to a king anymore.This illustration is called La Destruction De La Statue Royale A Nouvelle Yorck (Doc A). In the illustration, the Americans are taking down the statue of King George the third with ropes because they're finally free of him. Americans had the right to independence. All classes of people united because of freedom, all taking down the statue of King George the 3rd. Not only did the American Revolution give …show more content…

Document G shows the last 7 states that abolished primogeniture. It was abolished because it would help our economy. Since it was abolished after the war it meant that wealthy people would not be able to keep all their landed property. In document I there are two charts that show the percentages on how much the wealthy people are losing their money. There’s an illustration that depicts poor people and wealthy people playing a game of pool together (Doc D). The main idea of the illustration is to show they are somewhat equal but not totally the same. The war was revolutionary because it's aggrandizing equality at an economic

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